Friday, August 1, 2008

Go West Young Man

It appears that there are two things you can't rush - a turtle and Mats Sundin. There are reports from Sundin's agent J.P. Barry that the list of suitors for the Swede's services has grown to six and it may now be another couple of weeks before he makes up his mind where to go. With six teams now vying for Sundin's affection I think we can at least say he's decided he will play and not retire.

One of the teams reportedly interested in Sundin is the Rangers, of course, so I feel I have to throw my two cents out there and encourage Mats to head West. The last thing I want is to see number 13 in a Rangers sweater - for two reasons. The first is obvious, I hate the Rangers, but the second reason is I love Mats Sundin. He's been one of my favorite players for years - he's tough, smart, enormously skilled, and unbelievably competitive. He's a fantastic leader and the consumate team player..... but if he plays for the Rangers, well, his name becomes mud. I don't want that to happen!

There's just something wrong with him going to the Habs as well. I'm sure Leaf fans would agree. So, the only decision I'm prepared to live with (assuming you aren't going back to the Leafs which at this point seems very unlikely), Mats, is if you pack your bags and your composite sticks and head to Vancouver. They clearly want you given the money they're offering (10 mil per). So this time, take the money and don't think about anyone but yourself....... except maybe me.



Anonymous said...

im a huge leaf and sundin fan as well. i live in vancouver but i have to disagree with your comment about mats tarnishing his career if he goe to the rangers. hes a professional athlete first and foremost and a damn classy one at that. while id love to see him in vancouver any team he ends up on will be better because of him. i just hope he doesnt retire i still haven't gotten over yzerman. give em hell mats

The Newfoundland Islander said...

Hello Anonymous from Vancouver. Thanks for the comments. I don't actually think Mats will tarnish his career by going to the Rangers. I only mean that if he does go to the Rangers I will be forced to hate him as I hate any who don their sweater. I completely agree with your assessment of Mats as a player and person and i think the Yzerman comparison is right on.... without the rings of course.