Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost there

According to, Newsday is reporting that the Islanders have narrowed their search for a new head coach down to three - Paul Maurice, Bob Hartley, and Scott Gordon. As I said in an earlier post I would like to see Maurice get the job. I think he fits better with the re-building mantra of Garth Snow. He's blessed with a very positive attitude, a lot of patience, and from what I can tell, he's a man of character.

I truly hope it isn't Hartley because I don't think he has any of these characteristics in great abundance. I look at his tenure in Atlanta as proof that he's not the coach for a team lacking in superstars.

I would prefer Gordon over Hartley even given the lack of NHL experience on Gordon's part due to the fact that Gordon is coming off a successful season in the minors and is obviously tuned into younger players.

But, as I said, Maurice is the man for me.

You're almost there Garth, don't blow it now.


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