Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scott Gordon's our man...

After much debate and a lengthy interview process the Islanders have named Scott Gordon as their new head coach. While I still think Paul Maurice would have been an excellent choice I really like this move.

In Gordon the Islanders get a young, up and coming coach who has had great success coaching young players at the AHL level. Undoubtedly he’s learned how to motivate, teach, encourage, cajole, discipline, and even kick-in-the-butt players who are trying to learn how to play the game at the professional level.

I have to say, I’m excited.

I like this move, Garth, because it took some balls. I’m sure there was pressure to get someone established and, given your past relationship with Bob Hartley, there was probably a strong inclination to go with what you know. I really feel he would have been the wrong choice for this young team and I applaud your courage in hiring Scott Gordon.

I’m just glad the mariner logo is gone because I can see the headlines for ‘trusting Gordon’s fishermen’ now. Thank god for small miracles.

Anyway, let’s bring on the camp. I can’t wait.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost there

According to, Newsday is reporting that the Islanders have narrowed their search for a new head coach down to three - Paul Maurice, Bob Hartley, and Scott Gordon. As I said in an earlier post I would like to see Maurice get the job. I think he fits better with the re-building mantra of Garth Snow. He's blessed with a very positive attitude, a lot of patience, and from what I can tell, he's a man of character.

I truly hope it isn't Hartley because I don't think he has any of these characteristics in great abundance. I look at his tenure in Atlanta as proof that he's not the coach for a team lacking in superstars.

I would prefer Gordon over Hartley even given the lack of NHL experience on Gordon's part due to the fact that Gordon is coming off a successful season in the minors and is obviously tuned into younger players.

But, as I said, Maurice is the man for me.

You're almost there Garth, don't blow it now.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Go West Young Man

It appears that there are two things you can't rush - a turtle and Mats Sundin. There are reports from Sundin's agent J.P. Barry that the list of suitors for the Swede's services has grown to six and it may now be another couple of weeks before he makes up his mind where to go. With six teams now vying for Sundin's affection I think we can at least say he's decided he will play and not retire.

One of the teams reportedly interested in Sundin is the Rangers, of course, so I feel I have to throw my two cents out there and encourage Mats to head West. The last thing I want is to see number 13 in a Rangers sweater - for two reasons. The first is obvious, I hate the Rangers, but the second reason is I love Mats Sundin. He's been one of my favorite players for years - he's tough, smart, enormously skilled, and unbelievably competitive. He's a fantastic leader and the consumate team player..... but if he plays for the Rangers, well, his name becomes mud. I don't want that to happen!

There's just something wrong with him going to the Habs as well. I'm sure Leaf fans would agree. So, the only decision I'm prepared to live with (assuming you aren't going back to the Leafs which at this point seems very unlikely), Mats, is if you pack your bags and your composite sticks and head to Vancouver. They clearly want you given the money they're offering (10 mil per). So this time, take the money and don't think about anyone but yourself....... except maybe me.