Friday, October 24, 2008

Ryan's Fancy...

While speaking to the mother of an eight year old boy in my daughter's class the other day I learned that her son, Ryan Fahey (an Islanders fan), had recently had the opportunity to do something that even now, at 40, would have had me giddy with delight.

Ryan was invited to participate in the Chevrolet/Hockey Canada sponsored 'Safe and Fun Hockey' camp. There, not only did Ryan get to spend time on the ice with arguably the best defenceman of all time, Bobby Orr and one of the most decorated female hockey players ever, Cassie Campbell, but he also got to hang with the greatest pure goal scorer of all time and my boyhood hero, Mike Bossy! I'm getting cold shivers just typing that!

Ryan, the cool customer he is though, took it all in stride. It's older Islander fans like me and his father Sean who can't wipe the grins off our faces.

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