Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another wild ride...

I was still trying to digest Saturday's collapse against the Canadiens when I turned on Sportscenter to see the highlights of the Islanders game against Columbus. Lo and behold but it nearly happened again.

The Blue Jackets erased a three goal deficit in the third period, but this time the game went to overtime where one of the strangest things I've ever seen in hockey occured. Chris Campoli scored the winner, not once but twice. It was definitely the play of the year so far. Campoli scored what should have been the winner in overtime but the puck went through the net and play continued. The puck came back to Campoli a few seconds later and he scored again - this one counting.

To say the Islanders looked relieved is an enormous understatement. Finally they had two points to show for a pretty solid effort. Like Bill Guerin said after the game, they deserved it.

Say what you like about this Islanders team, they're not dull.


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